Thursday, November 16, 2006

Traveling clubs take to the road

There are clubs that meet monthly at least ten months of the year, almost never in the same place and sometimes not even in the same state. These are Recreational Vehicle (RV) Camping Clubs. They plan caravan trips, campground gettogethers and often have their own club newsletter, historian, "Sunshine Chairman," "Wagon Masters" and sheriffs. A variety of camping and RV travel clubs for individual interests are available to join, usually for very small club dues of around $20 a year.

The Gulf Coasters are a group of campers who meet at a predetermined camp ground each month and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and actually enjoy the business meeting that takes place during the rally. The officers are: The Gulf Coasters are a Chapter of the Family Motor Home Association. The chapter was planned in 1985 at a J.C. Penny meeting room. The first rally was held at Gulf Pines R.V. Park. At this rally a board was selected. The chapter meets once a month for a weekend at different camp grounds. The Gulf Coasters have not only the officers but a Wagon Master, sheriff and deputy sheriff, newsletter editor, historian, Sunshine Chairman, director and alternate director who acts as liaison to the Family Motor Home Association. Full Story...
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