Friday, December 01, 2006

Flashy displays aim to capture dealers' attention at Louisville show

A casino theme was one of many ideas companies used to attract people to their displays inside the National RV Trade Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The show is important to the Michiana region because it's when many dealers make decisions on orders for 2007.

Elsewhere around the show, displays parodied the movie "Men in Black," featured putting contests and gave away fishing rods. One had an enormous green light-up arrow pointing down to the entrance.

The real marketing comes with the things manufacturers brag about.

To outsiders, it might not seem like a big deal that a couch is now on the left side instead of the right, or that the slide-out takes up the entire wall instead of only part, or that there are bunk beds available in certain models.

But to the RV makers and to the dealers, that stuff is huge.

"Floor plan is the No. 1 reason why people buy a specific unit," said Emahiser of Carriage Inc. Full Story...
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