Friday, December 01, 2006

'Towable RV' named 2006 newsmaker of the year

"The U.S. recreational vehicle industry could be experiencing a sea of change as an upsurge in demand for towable recreational vehicles began in mid- 2005," said Goldenberg. "It grew to become a dominant industry trend in 2006 during a time when rising interest rates and fuel-price fluctuations chilled motorhome sales and Gulf Coast hurricane trade finally began to tail off."

As a result of these and related factors, from all appearances, there's a sense of austerity in the marketplace right now that has played into the shift from motorized to towable RV products.

So strong were trailer sales during 2006 that towables -- travel trailers, fifth-wheels, hybrids and folding camping trailers -- represented nearly nine out of every 10 units shipped through much of the year. Full Story...
How to Buy an RV, Before you Buy it
How to Buy an RV, Before you Buy it By Mark Polk

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