Sunday, January 07, 2007

RVers take their pets to share adventures

Pets are family members. Many retirees' plans include travel and so, of course, their animals go, too.

If a towable trailer or motor home is to your liking, shop around for the unit that best works for both you and your pet.

Sherry Loewen, sales manager at Loveland R.V., estimates that 75 percent of the seniors she serves are pet owners. They prefer to take those pets along, and select towable RVs over motor homes because the critters can cozily stay in unhitched trailers while owners shop, go out to eat or see some sights.

Loewen said that her customers adapt RV purchases to pets' needs, as well as to their own. Some downsize from a fifth-wheel to a smaller travel trailer so older pets won't need to negotiate steps.

One retired couple, who are dog breeders, purchased a toy hauler to accommodate the multiple kennels they take to dog shows.

Loveland RV also modifies trailers, Loewen stated. For example, they've cut holes in floors and altered closets to provide secure niches for litter boxes.

Loewen recalled numerous purchase decisions made by dogs. Owners often bring them along to sniff RV interiors and select which they prefer.

"I don't know how they know which one the dog approves of," she said.

Pet-owning seniors traveling in RVs have a lot of lodging choices.
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