Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Son Rents RVs to Take Parents on a Road Trip

What would you do if your parents — two characters in their 80s — were miserable after they made an impulsive move from San Diego to Phoenix?

This was the question facing Mike Leonard, whose quirky slice-of-life features air on NBC's Today. What to do?

Then he got an idea: Rent a recreational vehicle and take the folks on one final lap around the country. He'd enlist his twenty- and thirtysomething children, Kerry, Brendan and Matt, and Matt's wife, Margarita, to come along.

"Actually, I think I'll get two RVs," Leonard said.

The ensuing trip became the subject of a four-part series that aired last July, was an instant Today classic and spawned a book and a movie deal.
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