Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Texan RVers say tax is a raw deal

Winter Texans Maurice Pacha of Washington, Iowa, and Gene Phagan of Greeley, Colo., are angry.

And, pulling a line from the satirical 1970s movie Network, they’re not going to take it anymore.

Velma Manship of Iowa and Shirley McDowell of Illinois feel pretty much the same way.

Double taxation of their RVs, they say, runs against common decency and notions of fairness.

Besides, the Constitution of Texas, as well as tax officials in Hidalgo and Cameron counties, says that an RV has to be "substantially affixed" to its site in an RV park to be subject to an annual real estate tax.

Yet Pacha and Phagan paid sales taxes on their RVs when they bought them and now, additionally, they and others are burdened by county real estate taxes of about $300 a year.

They aren’t alone. Since 2000, Winter Texans say, about $8 million in such taxes has been collected from RV owners in Hidalgo and Cameron counties.
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