Friday, February 23, 2007

Bassmaster Travels in Luxury Motorhome

Perhaps your grandfather owned what he affectionately called his "fishing car," a smelly station wagon that stayed full of rods and reels and old metal tackle boxes.

There weren't any "fishing cars" Tuesday as the 50 anglers who will compete in this weekend's Bassmaster Classic began rolling into Birmingham.

These days, anglers and their families travel to tournaments in rigs that rival haulers on the NASCAR circuit. Springville's Randy Howell travels the shortest distance to the World Championship of Bass Fishing at Lay Lake, but he'll do it in style.

His $400,000, 66-foot-long rig includes a 38-foot motor home complete with washer and dryer and a 28-foot trailer that hauls his boat on one level and his Chevrolet Avalanche on the other.
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