Monday, February 12, 2007

Custom RV lets dialysis patients hit the road

People with kidney problems are often so tied down by dialysis treatments that they must set aside any plans for travel — but some creative Albertans invented a way around the problem.

The brainstorm came from Nancy Verdin, who lives in Red Deer. Verdin said that nine years ago, her kidneys failed.

Instead of giving up, Verdin and a friend formed the Traveling Dialysis RV Association. They approached a Red Deer company, Travelaire, and convinced it to design and build a $20,000 trailer for free.

The trailer includes a home dialysis unit that weighs more than 100 kilograms and is about the size of refrigerator.

The dialysis unit and filtration system, valued together at $45,000, were donated by manufacturers.

The trailer, which may be pulled by a truck or SUV, is available to be rented between May and August.
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