Saturday, February 10, 2007

Home is where you park your RV

BROOKSVILLE - Bill and Phyllis Carter and their shaggy Yorkie named Booger are here this week and live the way they live all year long in part because of a 14-foot travel trailer, the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and a kidney transplant.

The Carters originally are from Cincinnati, and up until about a year ago they lived in New Port Richey, but now they live ... here. Here being wherever they are. Wherever they are, at least at this very moment, being the Hernando County Airport at the Family Motor Coach Association's annual Southeast Area rally, which started on Wednesday and runs till Sunday.

"The biggest problem I see is people who don't follow their dreams," Phyllis said Thursday afternoon at the airport. "They live a humdrum life. There's so many places to go in this country."

They live in a 2005 40-foot, 30,000-pound, $320,000 Fleetwood American Tradition. It has a queen-sized bed and two comfy couches and a refrigerator with an automatic icemaker and a flat-screen TV. The sign on the front of the dash looking out at the road says what the Carters clearly feel: "Life doesn't get much better than this."
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