Sunday, February 04, 2007

Living, breathing miracles?

Two days after Christmas, Sheree and Joe Monroe decided to use a few days of their vacation to go camping. They headed north toward Marianna Caverns.

The couple read the Bible together and then she settled in and to read a book while her husband concentrated on driving. Coming up behind a large motor home, Joe Monroe moved their truck and the camper they were pulling into the left lane to pass.

Then their plans changed dramatically.

"A wind got a hold of the camper and it started swaying," Mrs. Monroe said in a recent interview. "Joe had to keep from hitting the motor home, so he went to the left a little bit and onto the shoulder and there was a huge hole there. The camper started swaying like crazy and we began jackknifing all over the road.

"The truck spun and at some point the camper detached. We rolled over three times. I called out, 'Jesus, save us.' "

By the time the truck came to a stop, Mrs. Monroe had an 8-inch gash in her head. Later she would learn that she had deep bruising in her ribs and had damaged a disc in her spine.

But they were alive.
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