Friday, March 30, 2007

Breaking camp: some want RVs gone

BRISTOL, Tenn. – Campground owner Mae Musick doesn’t want a mobile home park.

About 50 recreational vehicles are parked at Musick’s Campground near South Holston Lake, and most are there year-round.

Sullivan County officials agree.

Many campers look as though they might have been parked last week. But tires on others are sunk into the ground, indicating the recreational vehicles haven’t been moved in years.

The county Planning Commission approved changes to the zoning ordinances this month to more specifically regulate campgrounds in the county. The old regulations are vague and contradictory, Torbett said.

The changes would place campgrounds into three categories: temporary/special event, seasonal and commercial.

"We certainly want to get a better handle on some campgrounds that have been let go," she said. "If there are some campgrounds that have been in violation, we’ll take a look at that. This is not set up to point fingers at anybody."
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