Saturday, March 24, 2007

FEMA RV trailer sales worry RV dealers

Recreational-vehicle dealers in northeast Indiana are concerned about the impact a federal auction of trailers produced to house victims of Hurricane Katrina could have on sales of new entry-level RV travel trailers.

The auction could involve tens of thousands of RV travel trailers. But plans for the auction appear to be fluid, said Phil Ingrassia, communications vice president for the Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association. And that has made it “very difficult for people in the RV industry to understand what’s going on,” he said.

A major site for the auctions is Hope Municipal Airport, in Arkansas, where FEMA has been storing thousands of travel trailers it purchased for Gulf Coast residents left homeless in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. Many of the trailers now offered for sale have never been occupied.

The sale is being handled by the federal government’s General Services Administration.

“Two or three months ago, it was upwards of 30,000. Now, we’re hearing over a three-year period, 5,000,” said Hope Mayor Dennis Ramsey. “There’s been a change in personnel, and the (FEMA) folks we had conversed with the last couple of years no longer are here.

“The acting director for logistics was down here for FEMA, and they obviously are sensitive to not adversely affecting the market for the resale of travel trailers, but I do not know what the ultimate goal is,” Ramsey said.
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*Note: this is a good article for anyone interested in the FEMA sale.

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