Saturday, March 31, 2007

Prescott, AZ man comes to the rescue of burning motor home's occupants

Prescott, Arizona:­ A 44-year-old Prescott man suffered severe burns on his arms, hands and face Thursday when flames engulfed a motor home on Lincoln Avenue, trapping him and a female acquaintance in it.

Paramedics treated Kevin Nuxol in the 800 block of Lincoln Avenue where the motor home burned just before 2 p.m. He suffered second ­ and third-degree burns and a Native Air helicopter airlifted him to the Maricopa Medical Center burn unit for further treatment.

Prescott Fire Department Battalion Chief Don Devendorf said although Nuxol was conscious and alert at the scene, he was in critical condition because of the areas of the body that burned.

The neighbors who saw the incident unfold before their eyes were still in shock.

Paula Reyes said she was in her driveway when she saw the driver, Nuxol, trying to make a U-turn and the motor home unexpectedly burst in flames.

"There was also a woman in there," Reyes said breathlessly. "I saw the women get out. He (Nuxol) jumped out of the window. He was in flames. I kept yelling get down, get down."
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