Thursday, March 08, 2007

Woman takes aging parents along on RV trip in Motorhome

When Sue Woodward was growing up, her parents took the family on adventurous vacations to Florida and New York City, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon.

So when a series of strokes left her father with memory and reasoning deficiencies and only months to live, Woodward decided it was time for one last family road trip. Together with "significant other" Alan Ladomer, she packed up her parents, Rollin, 87, and Olive, 86, and their cat, Tatter, and struck out on a five-week adventure to visit her daughter, Wendy Garrido, near Olympia, Wash.

"We were at a point where my dad wasn't doing really well and my mom and I were supporting him a lot, but she was having trouble getting him to do anything," said Woodward, a Glen Arbor business consultant and co-founder and managing editor of the "empowered parenting" magazine North Star Family Matters. "I just came up with this idea and didn't think they'd go for it."
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