Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fuel prices have little impact on RV sales

Where fuel tanks can be as large as kiddie pools and monster RVs rarely get more than six to 10 miles per gallon you would expect the specter of rising gasoline prices to take some of the thrill out of the ride.

But according to industry watchers, the RV sector shows few signs of slowing down, as waves of retiring baby boomers choose to spend their downtime on the highway.

''An RV is a dream purchase that people spend years thinking about,'' said Dave Kelly, the marketing director of the Florida RV Trade Association. ``So when the day comes that you can buy it, something like gas prices isn't going to stop you.''

While gas prices might not be make-or-break factors in the world of RV sales, not everyone is so blasé about pain at the pump.

Tom Giarritta, a Pembroke Pines resident who was visiting the show Friday, said anyone not worried about the cost of filling a 75-90 gallon tank on an RV ``probably never owned one before.''

''We've had a motor home before,'' said Giarritta who was shopping with his wife Elaine. ``You take something like this out to California and back, you're talking over $2,000 for fuel. That's a lot of money. Do the math, like they say.''
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