Monday, April 09, 2007

Gas prices won’t keep RV snowbirds from making the trek north

Just in time for RV snowbirds to fuel up for the trip home, gas prices have taken a turn for the higher.

Peggy McShea said she and her husband spent about $600 on gas driving their motor home from New Hampshire to Bonita Springs, Florida earlier this year. They plan to pay at least $800 this month on the trip back. McShea said travelers packing up to leave the RV park where she’s staying have been griping about the spike in price.

“We only get about eight miles to the gallon” in the motor home, the 64-year-old retired elementary teacher said. So instead of a trip to California next winter, she said she’s coming back to Florida to save on gas. And there will be fewer day trips once she gets here.

“The trend in the campground for next year, from what I hear, is more people are coming down and staying for longer, rather than jumping around, because of the price of gas,” McShea said. “There are a lot of peole that are on fixed incomes.”
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