Monday, April 09, 2007

A home away from home

At vacation time many of us will travel seeking new adventures or a well-deserved reprieve from life in the fast lane. One way to reach those destinations is by motorhome, even with the high price of gasoline. Just ask Grass Valley's Mark and Judi Christensen.

The Christensens purchased their used motorhome last fall on eBay, then flew to Arizona to inspect the vehicle before closing the sale and driving it home. After arriving in Grass Valley, the motorhome underwent a few minor maintenance repairs and alterations.

In spite of today's rising cost of gasoline, Mark says their motorhome is still a vacation value. "The motorhome's an enjoyable way to go. It's actually more comfortable than riding in the car. You have all the room you need; my hotel's right here." Their motorhome has a full kitchen, bathroom with shower (very tight fit!), a regular bed and seating that becomes an additional sleeping area, if necessary. Judi keeps the motorhome stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice.

And although he hasn't figured out a cost comparison between a motorhome vacation and other methods of travel, Mark says, "If you have to worry about the cost of gas, you can't afford to go."
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