Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oak Forest, IL sets parking rules for RVs

Oak Forest, IL - Dan Hughes doesn’t have a lot of money, but he wants his family to see the world.

That’s why, along with his brother, he bought a full-service 35-foot-long motor home about five years ago and has traveled across the country with his family ever since.

In the meantime, Hughes needed a place to park his vehicle, which is stocked with a satellite dish and comfortably can sleep six. He moved to Oak Forest about two and a half years ago because city code allowed him to park his motor home in his back yard. He even smoothed out a spot with crushed gravel.

Now, Hughes worries his dream could be shattered if new rules force him to choose between selling his motor home or leaving town.

“I picked this town and the place I moved into because I could park my (motor home) there,” said Hughes, 43. “I will lose a good part of my kids’ life and a good part of my life.”
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