Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Park volunteers arrive in their RVs as strangers but leave as family

The RVers are volunteers at the Koreshan State Historic Site on Florida. The site was the home of 250 people who followed their religious leader to Florida in the late 1890 and early 1900s.

The winter months bring a small workforce here to lend a hand to the park staff in keeping the place going. Some volunteers give tours in the historical buildings. Others work in the office or do hosting duties in the public campground and still others perform maintenance on the grounds, equipment and the myriad of historical buildings.

Most of these folks, live in a state-owned “volunteer village” campground on the banks of the Estero River. During the peak of the season, there might be 30 people in 16 or more RVs in this campground, with accommodations ranging from $250,000 motor coaches to plywood beds in the back of a 10-year old Toyota pickup. All have volunteering in common but the people keeping house in these places have backgrounds, temperaments and personalities as varied as the four winds from whence we came.
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