Friday, April 27, 2007

Some drivers cheat state out of big money

KUSA - Colorado is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from drivers who illegally register their cars, boats, trucks and motor homes out of state, according to a 9Wants to Know investigation.

The practice is against the law in Colorado, but legal in states like Montana where the vehicles are being registered. Montana is one of five states in the nation that has no sales tax and has low registration fees.

"I think there should be a way to catch them and hang them," said driver Jim Hartshorn, who licensed all of his vehicles in Colorado. "When they go out of state, they're cheating everybody else."

9NEWS found the practice is widespread among people who buy motor homes or recreational vehicles because they can save a lot of money. Sales tax and registration fees on an averaged-priced $150,000 motor home would cost $13,800 in Colorado. However, it would only cost $283 in Montana.

The bigger the motor home means the bigger the savings.
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