Friday, May 11, 2007

Boomers are Taking to CA Roads in Comfort and Style

It's popularity has been growing despite the high price of gas. Like gas prices, there's no sign of the recreation vehicle boom letting up, thanks to baby boomers heading into retirement with plenty of expendable income and the desire to hit the wide open roads.

Driving around with a big house is big business to the communities the motorists pull into and the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe Californa regions are no exception.

"We take shorter trips. But this is an investment. We try to use it. You don't want to just park it in the garage," Al Schmidt said. The El Dorado Hills man came up to Tahoe for a few days with his wife and friends.

"We know more and more of our friends buying RVs," Sandy DeCourey said of the aging baby boomer crowd. "You feel safer with four walls."
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