Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Homeowner, Town In Costly Clash Over Parking Of RVs

For years, the front driveway of Doris Fillion's Unionville, Connecticut, home was a year-round storage lot for her recreational vehicles - travel trailer, motor home and trailered boat.

With the vehicles visible from the street, no one, not even the town, Fillion says, ever complained - despite a zoning ordinance banning long-term parking of RVs in front yards.

That is until late 2003, when a falling out with a former neighbor spun her into a head-on collision with the town's RV-parking rule. Since then, Fillion has waged a mostly solitary and unsuccessful battle all the way to state court, burdening local taxpayers with more than $35,000 in legal costs as she contests application of the ordinance to her vehicles.
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