Friday, May 18, 2007

In spring an RV owner's fancy turns to thoughts of maintenance

The arrival of spring signals that it's time to prepare the RV for a season of camping.

Art Dack, education and career co-ordinator for the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Alberta, said five key areas need to be checked when an RV is taken out of storage in the spring.

These are the propane gas system and appliances, batteries, interior, water system and the roof and walls, Dack told a recent RV seminar.

The checks apply to all classes of RVs, he said, but pointed out that they do not include the drivetrains of motorhomes, which should also be checked out before the camping season. However, examining the drivetrain is a task for an automotive technician, not an RV tech.

Whether it's the RV or the drivetrain, technicians are available to handle the checks for RV owners.

"Not all RV owners are able or willing to be do-it-yourselfers," said Dack, an RV technician who ran an RV service and repair business for more than 20 years. "If you're not comfortable working on your RV, leave it to the professionals.
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