Thursday, May 31, 2007

Man lives in his RV at work to conserve gas

Bernie Hooper stands next to his RV and says, "This is my new home sweet home."

Hooper used to drive 92 miles a day to work, each way. Now he walks about 20 steps.

A month ago, Hooper, who everyone calls Hoop, moved into the parking lot at his workplace. And he did it to save gas.

He says, "I was filling up three times a week. Compute that over a month. It runs about $732 a month. I can't afford that."

Hooper and his wife live in Sierra Vista, AZ. And he works in Tucson as lead instructor at Southwest Truck Driver Training.

He wouldn't change either. So for more than three years he commuted everyday. He stopped when gas prices hit $3 a gallon.

Now Hooper lives in his RV at work on weekdays and he goes home on weekends.
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