Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RV campground developer feels double-crossed

PONTOON BEACH, ILL — A local land owner says he invested more than $100,000 after being assured by village officials that he could develop a campground for recreational vehicles.

"Everything was a go," said Dan Evans, the would-be developer.

But in February, less than four months after the village board approved an ordinance allowing campgrounds, it repealed the measure.

Local officials say they were responding to opposition from neighbors. The dispute has prompted Evans to sue the village.

Evans owns 40 acres of land north of Horseshoe Lake Road and west of Illinois Route 111.

"It used to be a sand pit," he said. "I spent thousands of dollars to clean it up."

He said many people think a lake on the property is the best fishing lake in Madison County.

"Some people asked me about putting their campers there," Evans said. "The mayor and trustees thought it was a good idea."

The board voted unanimously on Oct. 24 to approve the ordinance, but then voted unanimously on Feb. 13 to repeal it.

In between the two votes, neighboring residents gathered more than 200 signatures on a petition against a campground.

A hearing on Evans' request for a permit was held last Wednesday, before a hearing officer for the village, but Evans wasn't there. Giacaletto said Evans had no application pending since the village canceled the earlier hearing and returned his filing fee.

Among the speakers were Betty Johnson and Gail Gargac, who led the petition drive. Johnson lives on Virginia Drive, a block-long street that is on three sides of the Evans property. She said a campground would attract alcohol, drugs, homeless people and sex offenders.
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