Monday, May 28, 2007

RVers Reunited by need for speed.

Friendships renewed at RV park near speedway.

They are seven couples who met at an RV resort near Lowe's Motor Speedway and twice yearly gather from disparate backgrounds and points on the map -- Canada, Texas, Illinois, New York and Wisconsin -- for a week of NASCAR camaraderie.

Last weekend's races were over, and they had days before the next races: Saturday's Carquest 300 and today's Coca-Cola 600.

So their debate wasn't over the best drivers -- but what to do.

They considered golfing, or renting a limo to get an early start on barhopping. One suggested shopping, another drifting on a party boat on Lake Norman -- or checking out the latest models at a nearby RV dealership.

Yet by early afternoon, delighted with their indecision, all they'd accomplish was lining up lawn chairs to watch a worker wash one of their RVs.
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