Monday, May 07, 2007

Survey Finds RV Owners Admit to a Mistake or Two on the Open Road

Leaving a Rest Stop Without Your Significant Other and Driving Off With the Steps Extended

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE May 2007)--The morning starts out like most do in your RV – traveling down a quiet highway with a hearty breakfast under your belt and a good cup of coffee within reach when you realize that blowing white thing behind you is your now-shredded awning, the bang you heard earlier was your toad coming unhooked, and the spider crack from the rock that hit your windshield is growing, a lot. You signed up for adventure, but not this much! Don’t worry. You’re not alone according to an online survey recently conducted by The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies that found that life on the open road can sometimes get bumpy.
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