Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Toll discount available for fifth-wheelers but still more the Motorhomers

We are RVers who drive a pickup truck and tow a 32-foot fifth-wheel trailer.

Upon receiving our E-ZPass statement from the Albany Thruway recently, we were upset to see that the toll from Woodbury to Exit 24 had doubled from $8.40 to $16.29. I read last fall that RVers would receive a break on their tolls.

When I called the E-ZPass office, they said the charge was correct and the discount was only offered to RVers who drive a motor home. We don't feel that is fair. There are a lot of us seniors who are traveling in pickup trucks and towing fifth-wheel trailers or regular tow-along trailers because it is the more economical way for us to travel.

With discount plan, the fifth wheelers would pay $14.77 to travel from Woodbury to Exit 24 in a two-axle truck pulling a two-axle fifth wheel. That's still quite a bit more, though, than for a standard hitch low trailer ($7.56 with E-ZPass) or a stand alone mobile home ($8.60 with E-ZPass or $4.14 with a motor home discount plan).
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