Monday, May 07, 2007

Winter Texans watch as lawmakers weigh property tax exemption for RVs

Winter Texans don't think it's fair to slap property tax bills on RVs the northern retirees drive to the sunny Rio Grande Valley every year, and the latest effort to appease them is pending in the Texas Legislature.

Lawmakers have twice passed bills that would exempt travel trailers from property taxes, and voters twice approved constitutional amendments toward that end. But Cameron and Hidalgo counties, with the state's highest concentration of winter residents, found loopholes to keep the money coming.

Supporters of the exemption say the RVs shouldn't be subject to property taxes because they aren't real property and aren't permanently affixed to their lots. They say trailer park owners already pay property taxes and trailer owners pay sales tax on their vehicle, amounting to triple taxation. They also believe Winter Texans shouldn't be taxed the same way residents are because they can't vote there.
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