Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Motorhome Destroyed by Fire

Salt Lake City, UT June 10 --
A motor home caught fire on I-80 this morning, leaving a woman who was traveling through Utah stranded. The fire shut down the 7200 West exit of I-80 for a time around 9 a.m.

Several agencies responded to the fire and put it out, but the motor home was a total loss. Firefighters say the fire started in the engine compartment. They don't know what set it off.

Salt Lake City Fire Captain Brian Gaulke said, "She did smell smoke and pulled over and saw the smoke and flames and grabbed her extinguisher but was unable to operate it because she was so nervous."

Firefighters say at that point, two young men saw the fire and stopped to help. Captain Gaulke said, "They did deploy the extinguisher, but by then it had gotten too much of a lead, and the best thing for them was to get out, so they helped her out of the motor home."
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