Friday, June 22, 2007

Bottled oxygen a Lifesaver for RVers & Campers

Altitude sickness will affect many travelers coming to Estes Park, Colorado from lower elevations this summer. The Estes Park KOA campground is trying to combat the effects of altitude sickness by offering their guests refillable bottled oxygen from Oxia.

“It can be a vacation saver whether visitors are going for a hike on one of our mountain trails or just strolling around town,” said Jim Turner of the Estes Park KOA campground.

KOA employees were constantly seeing visitors taking on more than they could handle during their first day of vacation.

“During the summer, we have campers coming from 2, 3, 4,000 feet below us,” said Turner. “They park their RV and immediately go to the trails to maximize their vacation time. They come back nauseated, with headaches, or they even pass out. The oxygen bottle provides a way for them to better recuperate on that first day, and they are able to enjoy their vacation more.”
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