Friday, June 15, 2007

Campground owner marks 40 years of happy campers

Leadville, CO -
Edith Seppi, celebrating the 40-year anniversary of Sugar Loafin' Campgrounds, said that the two best parts of the business are the employees she's had and the campground visitors.

"Such wonderful young kids" she said of the many employees who have served the campground over the years.

As far as the visitors are concerned, so many keep coming back to the campground, they're almost like family.

With no experience in the business, Seppi relied on a book she got from the U.S. government, which outlined how to set up a campground. She is still grateful for that advice.

Seppi said her customers are the kind of people who appreciate the trees and the mountain view along with the camp facilities.

"They leave all their problems at home," she said.
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