Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Concord, California gets strict on RV parking

CONCORD -- Residents are no longer allowed to park their recreational vehicles, boats and trailers in their driveways for more than a day.

As of June 1, Concord tightened its enforcement practice. In the approximately two-and-a-half weeks since the new policy took effect, the city has issued about 110 notices to violators, said Callie Struggs, the city's neighborhood services manager.

"People don't want to pay for storage," said Mayor Mark Peterson, "but it's not fair to the rest of the people in the neighborhood who don't want to look at it."

Peterson initiated the change after he discovered that the city's enforcement practice differed from city code.

Residents may only park their RVs, boats, trailers, motor homes, campers, camper shells and airplanes for 24 hours before and after a trip.

Otherwise, the vehicle must be parked in a rear or side yard behind a 6-foot high, opaque fence and a 5-foot setback from adjoining properties. Visitors may park their vehicles in a driveway for one week within a six-month period.

Violators will receive a "friendly" notice on their door to move the vehicle, Struggs said. They have 45 days to comply or face a $100 citation and $153 reinspection fee.
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