Friday, June 08, 2007

Crackdown coming on illegal RV parks

The death of her husband in 2005 left Betty Sample with stacks of bills a modest Social Security check just wouldn't cover.

But the way she is supplementing her income is a nightmare to county officials.

Sample, 71, turned her County Farm Road home into an illegal RV park. A lightly rusted unit sits about 10 feet from the front of her one-story gray house, and seven others are scattered throughout the tree-lined property, only a few feet separating their metal exteriors.

Eight renters pay $350 monthly each for the lot fee and to tap into her water line and septic tank. All other expenses, including cable, she pays.

"Almost two years after the hurricane, we're going to have to get people out of campers because they are not safe," Zoning Administrator Patrick Bonck said. "It ain't going to be fun, but we got to."
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