Friday, June 29, 2007

Do your homework before RVing

It took Debie Stevenson and her husband Monty six years of searching to find the perfect recreational vehicle.

But when the Calgary couple spotted the fifth-wheel of their dreams at an RV show in Red Deer, Alta., it was love at first sight.

Holding out was worth it for the Stevensons, both recently retired, who plan on spending months at a time in their fifth-wheel, traveling across Canada in the summer and down through the U.S. in the winter.

"The best advice that we got was: 'Don't buy too small.' You think that this one is going to be OK, but so many people say, 'This is exactly what we want,' and then three months later they bring it back because it's too small and now they've lost the depreciation."

Catherine Fortin Major, spokeswoman for, an Ottawa-based organization that represents RV dealers, manufacturers and campgrounds across Canada, recommends asking yourself a number of questions before you begin shopping for your home away from home -- whether it be an $8,000 folding camping trailer or a $70,000 Class A motorized model.

How much, for example, do you want to spend? Do you plan to use your RV year-round? How many people will be traveling with you, and how long will the trips be? If you're hoping to buy a towable RV, do you have the right kind of vehicle?

She also encourages prospective buyers to first rent an RV -- about $500 a week to rent a folding camping trailer, and about $1,500 a week for a deluxe Class A motorized model -- to see how they like it.
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