Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family promotes the RV lifestyle while exploring the U.S.

MADERA, CA -- Singing about spacious skies and amber waves of grain produces a beautiful image of America. But Brad Herzog of Pacific Grove likes the pictures that emerge when he hits the road and starts connecting dots on highway maps.

"There's so much to see in this country," he says, relaxing outside a 38-foot Winnebago at the Country Living RV Park during a Monday visit to the central San Joaquin Valley. "No matter how many trips you take, you can never see it all."

Herzog says it's those dots -- communities big and small across the fruited plain -- that blend together like a pointillism painting to reveal a view of America that is different from the melting pot metaphor often used to describe the country.

"Towns are just dots in an atlas," he says. "But up close, each stands out boldly, and every one has a story."

Herzog and his family are on the first leg of a 50-day road trip as the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association's national "Explore America" family. Their goodwill trek for the RV industry will take them north on a tour of the Pacific Northwest that will include major cities, national parks and a host of little towns in between.
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