Saturday, June 23, 2007

Family to RV coast-to-coast in Motorhome fueled by Biodiesel

NAMPA, ID — Some families plan their vacation routes around theme parks or hotels, but the Jenkins family is building its summer vacation around an unusual theme: the nation’s biodiesel filling stations.

The Nampa family is about to embark on a one-month, coast-to-coast trip in a diesel motor home decorated to call attention to the renewable energy source.

The Jenkins plan on filling up with biodiesel — a nontoxic, plant-based fuel — nearly every step of the way.

In fact, he said, biodiesel will burn just fine in any diesel engine.
“If you’ve got a diesel engine it’s just a matter of filling up at a different pump,” he explained.

That fuel interchangeability means the Jenkins can burn traditional diesel fuel if biodiesel is not available.

The RV’s exterior has been painted with a vegetation theme — an appropriate design, Christina Jenkins said.
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