Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fleetwood RV shows off Mixican RV plant

MEXICALI, MEXICO June 8, 2007- At a factory on the southern outskirts of this border town, workers assemble Fleetwood Enterprise's latest batch of Pioneer travel trailers.

The 84,000-square-foot plant, which has been running since April, was unveiled to visitors in a grand-opening ceremony Thursday. It is the Riverside-based motorhome maker's first in Mexico and the first time any American RV manufacturer has opened a plant south of the border.

The move is designed to cut costs for the company in an industry that has been crippled in the past few years by higher gasoline prices and a glut of inventory on the market. The company added workers in Mexico following five U.S. plant closings and layoffs, including in Rialto where some 200 workers lost jobs.

Fleetwood RV had been planning a Mexico plant for the past two years, Smith said.
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