Friday, June 01, 2007

RV campers travelling down a different road

The once rustic motorhome has gone upscale...

Robert and Claire Murphy's 39-foot recreational vehicle is a sparkling home away from home, complete with leather furniture, two TVs and a washerdryer.

So you cannot fault the Vancouver Island couple for being a little leery about pulling their $289,000 rig into muddy Canadian trailer camps with names like Honeymoon Bay or Alf 's campground.

Instead, they prefer the posh experience they had at an RV resort in Florida.

"It was amazing," Mr. Murphy, 63, said.

"It's all marble and in-laid brick and fountains and pools everywhere. It's like a luxury condominium site without the condos."

Once a rustic travel mode reserved for camping and nature enthusiasts, RVing has gone upscale and urban, especially in the United States, where the affluent pay big bucks to stay at RV resorts with on-site spas, golf courses and country clubs.

Unlike the original campgrounds geared to adventure travellers, today some RV campgrounds/ parks offer the amenities and services of four-star resorts.

Today's average RVer is in the 34-35 age range group, owns a $56,000 to $130,000 RV (in some cases up to $1-million) and has money to spend. Research indicates an average expenditure of $100 a day on non-site expenditures.
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