Sunday, June 17, 2007

RV sales and RV travel slow due to high gas costs

"Instead of ... taking extensive road trips around the country, people are buying these vehicles and going to specific camp grounds or trailer parks," said Glenda Swesey, sales manager of Ralph’s RV Center in Niles. "Increasingly, people are staying at local or nearby camp grounds to reduce their costs."

"The shock of filling up a 75 gallon tank" is keeping people closer to home, agreed Joe Brunk, owner of Brunk’s Stoves and RV Sales on state Route 45 north of Salem.

Brunk said sales of motorized RVs at his dealership are probably the slowest in its 20-year history.

"It’s a hardship, but we’re dealing with it. It’s what we do for a living," he said, adding sales of trailers and small units are still pretty decent.
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