Friday, June 08, 2007

RVer sees USA one Greek Festival at a Time

George Kontos never saw so much of America as when he moved to Greece.

Now he spends six months a year in a motor home traveling from Cape Cod to Miami, Denver to Dallas, bringing souvenirs from Greece to sell at Greek church festivals nearly nationwide.

Kontos, who moved from New York to Greece five years ago, visits about 100 festivals a year.

There are about 550 Greek Orthodox churches in the United States, and most have festivals - enough to support a business, Kontos learned.

Before he moved to Greece, he was dating a woman who lived there and visiting about once a month. Someone at a Greek church in the United States asked him to bring back items that could be sold at a festival.

"I did that, then another church asked me to do the same thing," Kontos said. "They told me no company supplies these kinds of items for them. Slowly the light went on in my head."
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