Friday, June 15, 2007

'Trailer park' remark sparks a hot letter-writing campaign

Caroline de Wallens says she is not one to air her dirty laundry in public, yet when a story that ran in a Hudson-St. Lazare newspaper led to an all-out public letter-writing debate, the St. Lazare resident found herself on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism.

The Hudson Gazette article that got the ball rolling outlined de Wallens's distress at having a 20-foot motor home parked near her home's windows.

The vehicle, being used by her new neighbour while he built his home, blocked de Wallens's view of the lushly forested St. Lazare housing development.

She says her neighbour told her he would leave the trailer there after the home was completed even though doing so contravened housing-development regulations each homeowner had signed with their deeds of sale.

De Wallens was quoted as saying, "I live in a trailer park in a home worth $500,000."

A week after the story ran, the letters began pouring in from those for and against RVs.
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