Friday, July 27, 2007

Campground Owners Upset by RVers Staying in Parking Lots

Regina Leader-Post: Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada

Jeff Bordyniuk, the owner of the Kings Acres campground on the Trans-Canada Highway at the eastern entrance to Regina, figures he could be losing about $5,000 a year in business because visitors to the city are parking their recreational vehicles on various store parking lots instead of paying the bucks to go to an actual campground.

"It's kind of a sore point,'' Bordyniuk said, in an interview Thursday.

It can be tough to maintain a campground in good shape and make a bit of profit as well when business is being lost because owners of recreational vehicles are staying overnight for free in parking lots, Bordyniuk said..And Bordyniuk says he often sees five or 10 or even more trailers parked overnight at each location, when he checks out certain parking lots at night.
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