Friday, July 27, 2007

Five years traveling in armored motorhome - CO,USA
By Joe McGowan Jr.

The other evening as I walked my puppy, we encountered a very strange looking vehicle sitting under a light pole in the parking lot of the Belmar Library. It was so strange I just had to learn more about it.

Soon, I was talking to Jan Vorster, a retired metallurgist from Johannesburg, South Africa, and his wife, Leone, a librarian. Jan was sitting in a folding lawn chair alongside his armored, custom-built motor home. Leone had been in the Belmar library, using computers to access e-mail and send messages to their two daughters in South Africa.

It turned out the Vorsters have been traveling the world a total of five years out of the past nine. They have driven from South Africa, north along the length of Africa to the Mediterranean and then across Europe and across Russia to Mongolia.

This year, they shipped their cumbersome vehicle from South Africa to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then they traversed South America, crossing the Andes to Chile and then northward across Panama, Central America, Mexico and entering the United States at Texas.
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