Monday, July 02, 2007

Motorhome is more than Transportation for Race Driver

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. -- Justin Henderson has spent has plenty of time during his career riding in a truck and trailer with his race car. He vividly recalls being cramped in the cab of a truck and not having much room to relax, as well as all night trips that left him with a very sore back in the morning.

Earlier this season he and his wife Heather purchased a motorhome that they now drive to each race. While he is used to wheeling an 850-horsepower sprint car around tracks from coast-to-coast, Henderson is still getting used to the feel of driving the much larger and significantly heavier motorhome, especially in adverse weather condition. Though he is quick to point out all of the benefits of having a motorhome.

“It makes traveling a whole lot easier, not having to worry about getting hotel rooms,” said Henderson, driver of the Jolt Energy Gum Rocket. “You are always working on a motorhome though, so that it doesn’t make the work part of it any easier, but it’s worth it. The wind really messes you up, I am still trying to get used to the wind. Diesel fuel is cheaper than gas as well, so you have to like that.”

“I don’t miss riding in the truck and trailer at all,” he smiled. “The dog really likes riding in the motorhome. He likes the air conditioning and he has his own couch. If I could just teach him how to vacuum, then we would be all set.”
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