Monday, July 30, 2007

RVers Enjoy the Summer at Libby's Oceanside Camp

Portsmouth Herald News - Portsmouth,NH,USA
Bill Simpson and his wife, Lynn, who live in Houston, Texas, were excited to learn that for two weeks of their eight-week stay at Libby's Oceanside Camp they'd be at site number 5.

They knew exactly where site 5 was: ten feet from a rocky bank that drops 20 feet to a sandy ocean beach. The spot has a seemingly endless view of the Atlantic that is flanked by the Nubble Lighthouse and a peninsula covered in million-dollar homes.

They'd been to Libby's the past five years, but had never been lucky enough to park their 37-foot-long recreational vehicle at one of the 45 oceanside sites referred to by veteran campers as "the front."

Some campers have waited years just to get a week at one of the spots on the ocean and there's currently a 10-year waiting list to reserve an oceanside site for the entire summer. Libby's is one of only four campgrounds on Maine's southern coast that is on the water, according to the Maine Campground Owners Association.

"Several campgrounds consider themselves on or near the beach," said Richard Abare, executive director the Maine Campground Owners Association. "But the reality is that none are as close to the water as Libby's."

The campground is located on Route 1A in York and sits adjacent to Camp Eaton — a larger RV park that serves about twice the number of campers as Libby's and is located across the street from the ocean. Libby's has 95 sites and feels smaller, the whole park can be traversed in a couple of minutes. In addition to the 45 spots on "the front," the campground has two other rows of sites which are all organized around a small office building.
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