Sunday, July 01, 2007

Torrance CA, Tells RVers to Move that motorhome - or else

For the estimated 300 residents of Torrance who own a recreational vehicle - or other types of oversized vehicles Sunday is the day the rubber meets the road.

Starting Sunday, RVs over a certain size... generally those exceeding 20 feet long or 8 feet high... will be ticketed if parked on any of Torrance's streets.

Still, after two years of heated debate at City Hall meetings and a grace period that lasted months before police began handing out fines, it's clear that emotions still run high on both sides of the debate.

"With the ordinance against RVs/OVs on-street storage, the streets of Torrance look the best they have in the last 20 years," said Norman Bauer, a vocal proponent of the measure. "In addition, the streets are safer, especially for the kids and elderly drivers."

On the other side are irate folks like David Thom, the owner of a "classic" 1966 camper who called the ordinance "totalitarian."
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