Saturday, August 18, 2007

Full Time RVers: America's Nomads

Meet John and Jane Woodman, modern day nomads. Their home is a 10-year-old recreational vehicle (RV) with mud flaps and a retractable awning. Their address is anywhere they happen to park it, which at the moment is tucked behind a concert staging platform, at the end of an unmarked athletic field in this college town on the Kennebec River in central Maine.

"I love living this way," says Jane. "Sometimes I get a charge out of the fact that no one knows where we are unless we tell them.... It's kind of like being a child and hiding in the closet."

In June 2005, Daniel and Traci Bray of Carmel, Ind., packed up their belongings and their 8-year-old son for a year of home schooling and traveling the country in their RV. Ms. Bray's book about the odyssey - "Vicariously Yours, Letters and Lessons from the Ultimate Road Trip" - came out in July. As a budding travel writer, she now writes off the RV as a business expense.

For the Brays, saying goodbye to homeownership led to a net reduction in family expenses of more than $1,000 per month - even with the hefty RV fuel bills. Plus, Mr. Bray, a telecommunications broker, saw his sales increase. "The customers loved it. They thought it was really cool that we were doing it," he says. "I'm not exactly sure sometimes whether they bought from me because of my talent or because they wanted to support the trip."
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