Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Online Mapping of California Campgrounds & RV Parks has launched a new interactive way of finding a campground in California at Already using Google Maps for showing camping by city, ( has created a single large map of the state showing hundreds upon hundreds of campgrounds and RV Parks statewide.

"By going live with this new format, we allow you to look at a glance over a wide area and make your plans. In one part of the state, you'll see a large area without many camping options. And in another part of the state, you may see that there is a camping possibility every few miles," stated company President Adam Longfellow. "As I travel in my RV, I like to think about where I am generally heading and how many miles I might like to drive that day. Or maybe it's 2pm and I have to think about stopping for the night. How much further can I go or how much further do I have to go on this route? I can look at this map and narrow down my next target. Then you zoom in or out, click on an icon and bring up the phone number, address and direct link to their website if one exists."
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