Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RVers: Not Easy Being 'Green'

It seems as if everyone is going green. There is one demographic, though, that appears unlikely on the surface to be influenced by the green phenomenon.

They drive 40-foot rigs across the country. If they get nine miles to the gallon, it’s an achievement. And this is the second time this summer, that as many as 4,000 of them have rolled their motor homes into Redmond, this time for the Family Motor Coach Association’s 78th International Convention. While much of the population is downsizing from a Sequoia to a Prius, the motor home community isn’t looking the other way.

There may not be as many options for these nomads to embrace the green trend, but there are some, and more are on the way.

Buzz words, like solar panels, low sulfur fuels and biodiesel are being talked about more than one may expect.
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